About Us


Estabilshed in the year 2010, we have undergone a lot of experiments in the field of plastics. Be it PET or PVC, let it be LDPE or PPCP, we have faced all challenges in the field of plastics. with Three own units and over 50 employees, Sharay Polymers Private Limited has always been successful over few years. Since we have all sorts of machinery from A to Z and our laboratory for testing the Quality of Plastics, we are proud to say that we can supply whatever the “CUSTOMER REQUIRES” in the field of Compounding. This is what we can do.

Owing to advance technology, quality control system, experienced management staff and senior engineering personnel, we are able to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We offer world class products and services to our clients.

“We Can Produce Reprocessed Granules Based on the Customer Specification.”

“We Can do all kinds of job works Regarding Plastics Like Shredding, Granulating etc.”

“We Can also do washing, Extrusion Process under job works.”

We can Supply Engineering Plastics I.e. (ABS, HIPS,NYLON, DERYLINE, PBT, PC+ABS, PC ect.) or Ever Granules if Required.